We partner with school districts
to create
sustainable and scalable
Model UN programs



We partner with school districts, governments, non-profit organizations, and education companies to create Model United Nations programs

MUN Conferences

We organize MUN conferences and camps
for school districts,non-profits,
and educational organizations

MUN Leagues

We help school districts create
district-wide MUN programs
impacting thousands of students

MUN Curriculum

We license curriculum to MUN conferences and classes, and we help educators use MUN in the classroom

MUN Management

We help educators and student leaders
manage MUN clubs and conferences

MUN Case Study:
IDEA Public Schools

Since 2014, we have helped IDEA create a district-wide "Model United Nations League"

In partnership with Best Delegate, IDEA Public Schools has pioneered the creation of a MUN League for high school students across 14 campuses for students to improve their leadership, debate techniques, public speaking skills, global awareness, and confidence to increase their college readiness.

In 2014, a small group of students from IDEA Mission attended the MUN Institute. They returned with the lesson plans, presentations, and leadership skills to implement a high quality and sustainable MUN program. To date, more than 200 students have attended the MUN Institute.

Educators from IDEA Public Schools have received Professional Development training through the Advisor Institute in order to roll out the new Model UN Programs at over a dozen schools.

Additionally, over 50,000 students have gained access to our online resources through the MUN Vault which provides educators and student leaders with the resources they need to succeed in developing a thriving Model UN program.

This partnership, funded in part through grants including the GEAR UP Grant from the US Department of Education, has enabled thousands of low-income students to gain access to Model UN resources and learning opportunities.

At IDEA Public Schools, Model United Nations is preparing thousands of students to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

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