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What is Model United Nations?

Learn what Model UN is, how it works, and how it supports student outcomes.

Model UN and Common Core: Sample Unit Plans and Standards Alignment

To help you visualize what it would be like to use Model UN in the classroom, we’ve put together sample Unit Plans that are aligned with Common Core ELA Standards.

Model UN Student Impact: How MUN Helped Rebecca get into Harvard on a Full Scholarship

Learn how MUN helped one student from Texas gain admission to Harvard University on a full scholarship.

How Model UN Prepares Students for College, their Careers, and Beyond

Learn how MUN helps students get into college, succeed on campus as student leaders, and prepare for their future careers.

Model UN Training Tools: Conference Preparation Plan and Grading Rubrics

Use this MUN training tool to help your students prepare for an upcoming MUN conference, outline a 6-week training plan, and create grading rubrics.

Model UN Training Tools:
Position Paper Research & Writing

Teach students how to research and write position papers with this MUN training tool, which includes a sample paper, rubric, worksheets, and lesson plan.

Model UN Training Tools:
Country Placard Set

Use this 62-placard set to run Model UN simulations — includes 58 country placards and 4 chairing placards

Model UN Training Tools: Topic Background Guide on Child Labor

Use this background guide to organize a Model UN simulation on the topic of Child Labor.


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