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The Model UN Vault is a digital library to help students and educators lead MUN clubs, plan MUN conferences, and use MUN in the classroom

Teaching Materials for Educators WHAT'S INCLUDED

Standards Alignment

Learn how Model UN supports Common Core Language Arts and Social Studies Standards, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Placement.


See sample unit plans that support Common Core Standards and are built around key MUN skills, such as research, public speaking, and resolution writing, and use these plans in existing classes or to build your own MUN class.

Lesson Plans

See sample lesson plans that support MUN Skill-Based Units and that teach MUN skills, such as country policy research and position paper writing, and use these plans in existing lessons or to create your own MUN lessons.


See sample presentations that support each lesson, which you can use or modify in order to teach your own MUN lessons.

Readings and Worksheets

See sample readings and worksheets that support each lesson, which you can use or modify in order to teach your own MUN lessons.

Quizzes & Assessments

See sample quizzes and assessments that support each lesson, which you can use or modify in order to teach your own MUN lessons.

Club Leadership & Team Training WHAT'S INCLUDED

Model UN Meeting Activities

Use these activities to plan weekly club meetings and teach members about the UN and key MUN skills such as research, public speaking, and resolution writing.

Model UN Training Tools

Use these training tools to prepare your club for MUN conferences — this includes a Club Training Plan, our Level 1: Diplomat Guide, and MUN Procedure Guides.

Club Accountability Chart

Use this leadership tool to organize your club’s Executive Board, define each officer’s role and responsibilities, and hold each other accountable to achieving your club’s goals.

Vision Organizer

Use this leadership tool to set a vision for the club and create a long-term plan that includes annual, monthly, and weekly goals for the club’s leaders.

Club Recruitment and Retention Plan

Use this planning tool to figure out the number of new people you’re going to recruit, and how you’re going to do it.

Club Financial Plan

Use this planning tool to determine your club’s budget, how to set club dues, how to organize fundraisers, and how to organize MUN conferences as a fundraising tool.

Conference Organizing & Chair Training WHAT'S INCLUDED

Conference Operating System

This resource serves as the base for you to hold secretariat meetings, plan out what you need to do to prepare for a successful conference, and centralize all your planning and communications for the team.

Conference Delegate Guide Template

Use this template to provide your conference attendees with a “Delegate Guide” that includes a welcome letter, the conference schedule, committees and topics, conference policies, and the Rules of Procedure.

Country Assignment Matrix

Use this tool to map out the country assignments for each school attending your conference, easily communicate country assignments to schools, and create roll call lists for each of your committees.

Conference Website Setup Guide

Read this step-by-step guide to help you set up a conference website, where you can host your committee encourage delegations to register, host background guides, and share critical information about your conference to all your potential delegates.

Conference Marketing Email Templates

Use this tool to recruit delegates to your conference by sending emails to target schools, including announcements of your conference dates, official invitations to schools, and follow up emails that build excitement for schools to attend your conference.

Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, and Advisor Meeting Agendas

Use this tool to plan an Opening Ceremonies to introduce the conference and a Closing Ceremonies to close out the conference and present awards, as well as Advisor Meetings to gather feedback from participating schools advisors.

Chairing Scripts

Use these scripts to train your committee chairs, get them comfortable with Rules of Procedure, and practice leading committees from Motion to Open Debate to Motion to Adjourn the Meeting.

Awards Scoresheets

For conferences that give awards, use this tool to score delegates on their position papers, research, speeches, resolutions, and diplomacy; to help you determine individual awards and delegation awards; and to share quantifiable feedback with advisors on how their delegates can improve.


Individual Subscription: $300

The resources you need to prepare for Model UN conferences — including training videos,
conference preparation plans, and guides to research, public speaking, and resolution writing

School Subscription: $6000

Everything you need to lead your Model UN club or class — includes presentations, lesson plans, training tools, and more!

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